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To help solve this growing problem in Australia that can affect all of us, prevention and early intervention are critical. 

There is a great deal of work being undertaken by governments at all levels and community organisations to support people to prevent them becoming homeless or to help them to break the cycle of homelessness as early as possible. 

An indiviualised approach is needed.  By placing the individual at the heart of the system and with governments and community organisations working collaboratively, individual needs will be met more effectively and efficiently. 

Specific initiatives required to reduce the extent of homelessness include:

  • more low cost accomodation
  • increased levels of support for people with a disability
  • support for indiviuals as they negotiate the changing labour market
  • greater access to family and relationship counselling
  • programs to reduce the levels of domestic violence and alcohol and other drug misuse within the community
  • initiatives which build stronger communities so resources and networks are in place to support people in their community.

Below is a list of programs (Commonwealth, State and Local) that governments in Australia run and/or fund with a view to alleviating or preventing homelessness:

The Supported Assistance Program (SAAP)

The Commonwealth – State Housing Agreement and the Crisis Accomodation Program

Rent Assistance (RA)

The Emergency Relief Program (ERP)

The National Homelessness Strategy


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